Commission Pricing and Methods

John is available for portrait commissions in the Summer of 2018.  Portraits can take anywhere from a month to several months to complete depending on John’s current workload.

The best approach for a time frame is to contact John by email ( to start the conversation.  A subsequent phone call will follow an email exchange.  

The following is a summary of what a commissioned work process would look like:

1. Discussion

A discussion concerning the commission and pricing will be agreed upon through email and over the phone.  A contract will be drafted.

2. First Contact Phase

An initial meeting with the client is set up in order to discuss the details (in person or over the phone or skype).  In this phase of discovery all the particulars will be decided.  The requirements will be discussed in detail (size, deadline, colors to use, other specifications both from the client and the artist, etc).  The artist will take photos of the subject(s) and may do some on-site sketches.  Other items that will be decided on in this phase will be the lighting, mood, setting (like the background for example) and the purpose or objective.  The artist will take a couple of hours usually to become familiar with the subject and their unique personality.  The contract will be agreed upon and signed.  The deposit of 50% of purchase price will be required.

3. Studio Phase

During this phase the work is done in John’s studio and can sometimes lead to another meeting with the client for additional photos and/or sketches and conversations.


Portrait prices start at $600 (unframed), depending on size, complexity, colors used, due date, and a host of other factors. Framing is an option and can be discussed in more detail in person.  (Framing is an option that can be discussed.)

The following can be used as a guide.  Prices reflect the starting point for a typical single-subject portrait.

5 x 7 or smaller - Not available for commission

7 x 7 - $600

8 x 8 - $700

8 x 11 - $800

9 x 12 - $1100

11 x 14 - $1300

Any painting over 14 inches in any one direction will need to be discussed.