Hollywood Gets Artists All Wrong

Have you ever seen a Hollywood depiction of an artist? The character is usually a moody, melodramatic loner who spends all their time shut away in a darkly lit room, pouring their genius onto the canvas as inspiration strikes.

Does that sound like you? No? Oh good, me neither.

Though it may seem glamorous to shut out the world and bask in the glow of your latest masterpiece, the truth is that most accomplished artists have a whole team of people contributing to their success.

Here are just a few people you'll want on your side:

1. Family and friends who understand the time it takes to create quality art and don't get upset when you have to decline social events to meet your deadlines.

2. Models who graciously pose for you until you get just the right reference shot.

3. Fellow artists who are on the same journey and just "get it" when many others don't understand your passion.

4. Local and online suppliers who keep you stocked with pencils, paper, erasers, and all of the other tools you need to carry out your work.

5. Technology experts and copywriters who give your website the professionalism it needs to attract paying customers.

6. Instructors and mentors who give you direction and help hone your skills as you grow. (That's me, and I couldn't be more honored!)

The stereotypical artist might prefer to go it alone, but you don't have to. Start building your team and reap the rewards of a valuable support system. It's one of the best decisions I ever made!

Do you have someone on your side that I didn't mention? Share your ideas in the comments!