No More Craft Tutorials. 

It's Time To Call Yourself An Artist.

You've read the art instruction books. You've attended the workshops. You've taken the tutorial "courses".

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into becoming a colored pencil artist, but those methods of “instruction” have left you with a spotty knowledge of your craft and no sense of direction.

Enough is enough.

What you really need is someone to guide you through the fundamentals, giving you a foundation on which to build your skills.

Welcome to Sharpened Artist.

I believe that every artist can learn and grow if they’re given access to the right information. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Most colored pencil instruction out there sounds like a craft tutorial, not fine art development.

Sharpened Artist is changing the game with a well-rounded, immersive approach to learning the skills you need to chart your own artistic course.

Whether you’re interested in listening to the weekly Colored Pencil Podcast, checking out the tips on the Blog, watching YouTube tutorials, or enrolling in one of the popular Sharpened Artist Academy courses or Master Classes, there is something here for you.




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You’ve been looking for colored pencil instruction catered to YOU. Now go ahead, breathe that sigh of relief. The search is over!