Graphite Pencil Supplies

Graphite Pencils:  Most art stores offer a nice range of both soft to harder core sketching pencils in both sets and open stock.  For the class all you need is at the very least 3 pencils to start with.  An HB pencil, a 2B pencil (or any one of the B pencils) and an 2H pencil.  You can probably find these in open stock.  If you have any questions about pencil sets please email me.  

Paper:  Heavyweight acid free paper in medium or smooth finish. The Strathmore 300 series, vellum or bristol are good papers.  

Pencil Sharpeners:  Hand held or electric should do the job.

Tape:  Masking tape or any type of low tack tape.

Eraser:  One kneaded eraser, and/or some type of plastic or vinyl eraser.  You can also use a battery operated eraser (optional).

Dusting Brush:  Brush for removing dust and erasers from drawing.

Clipboard:  Any type of clipboard that is larger than the paper you are drawing on (optional).