Interested in an original piece of art, either for yourself or someone you love and care about? Together, we can create something that will bring enjoyment for a lifetime (and beyond!) as it’s handed down to future generations.

I currently offer two types of commissions:

Tonal or Full Color Paintings

  1. A Tonal Drawing - This type of drawing is significantly less involved and is a simple rendering of the subject matter in a monochromatic value scale on a toned paper or support background.   These drawings start at $40 unframed. This type of drawing can usually be delivered within 1 week of ordering, but is still on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here’s the current Tonal Drawing price list:

7 x 7 - $40

8 x 8 - $45

8 x 11 - $60

9 x 12 - $70

11 x 14 - $80

Example of a tonal drawing using just 2 pencils.

Example of a tonal drawing using just 2 pencils.

Example of a soft, tonal drawing.

Example of a soft, tonal drawing.

Example of a tonal drawing with expressive lines to convey energy.

Example of a tonal drawing with expressive lines to convey energy.

Please email me ( with any specific questions.

  1. A Full Color Painting - This type of drawing is the equivalent of a fully rendered painting using color pigments encased in wood with layering and painting with solvent on the final layers.   It could also involve using mixed media

Example of a full color painting commission

Example of a full color painting commission

Commission Pricing and Workflow

My availability for commissions is first come, first served.

Portraits can take anywhere from a month to several months to complete, depending on my current workload, size, and the complexity of the piece.

I’m happy to discuss the particulars of your project with you! The best thing to do is contact me by email ( to start the conversation. A subsequent phone call will follow an email exchange.


The following is a summary of the commission workflow process:

1. Discussion - You’ll tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll provide you with a quote for the project. When we’ve agreed on the pricing, I’ll draft up a contract for us each to sign.


2. First Contact Phase (discovery) - If you’d like to set up a meeting to discuss the particulars (in person, over the phone or skype), I’m more than happy to make that happen!

In this phase of discovery, all the specifics of the artwork will be decided.  We’ll discuss details like size, deadline, colors to use, and other specifications.  I’ll take photos of the subject(s) and may even do some on-site sketches. Other items that will be decided on in this phase will be the lighting, mood, setting (like the background for example) and the ultimate purpose or objective.

When applicable, I usually try to take a couple of hours to become familiar with the subject and their unique personality.

After the contract is signed, I’ll collect a 50% deposit.  *Ask about my payment plan options.


3. Studio Phase - This is the part where I spend hours in my studio getting every last detail just right. If I need any extra photos or information, I’ll reach out to you!


Portrait prices start at just $400 (unframed), depending on size, complexity, colors used, due date, and a host of other factors.

Framing is an added option I’m happy to discuss with you as well.  

The following prices are estimations that reflect the starting point for a typical single-subject portrait or subject matter drawing.  The sizes are examples and the inches given are only to be used as a guideline.

5 x 7 or smaller - Not available for commission

7 x 7* - $400

8 x 8* - $450

8 x 11* - $600

9 x 12* - $700

11 x 14* - $900


Any painting over 14 inches in any one direction will need to be discussed.

I can’t wait to create something incredible with you! Feel free to reach out to start the process, or with any other questions you might have.

For more affordable options you might be interested in purchasing a print instead of an original.  Just ask me about this option.


* - The sizes above are the longest (in inches) for any one side. For example, the 8 x 11 may be a 10 x 11 but would fall into the $600 category, because the longest side is 11 inches.