I want help with my drawing!

If you'd like a video critique (it may be shared on my YouTube channel) of your drawing then complete the form below to get some help!

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Ask a specific question you're wanting help with. Be as specific as possible.

  2. No nudes please.

  3. Only submit drawings. No paintings please.

  4. No abstract work. I teach realism to my students.

  5. Complete the form and then email me providing your name and indicate that you have completed the "help" request. Email your attachment to john @ sharpenedartist.com

  6. Please remember to attach a copy of your art work!

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By completing the form you are granting(releasing without provisions) Sharpened Artist permission to use and release your information and digital representation of your drawing and/or reference photo in a YouTube video and/or other marketing capacity.

You have no claim to compensation or royalties related to the material that you release to Sharpened Artist. The critique may include both positive and negative comments. The video will not be removed for any reason, even if I do not agree with the critique.