045 Interview With Debbie Hook

This show highlights the expertise of Debbie Hook, an artist and framing professional with a knack for explaining concepts in a unique memorable way.

In addition to her highly-successful endeavors as an artist and instructor, Debbie owns a frame shop, and provides a wealth of knowledge on the subject throughout the interview. Be sure to listen to her valuable input on the importance of materials in your framing job for the best preservation of your piece. She also shares tips about the most cost-effective way to achieve a quality frame job utilizing the internet and local sources.

Debbie also provides her unique insider perspective on colored pencil organizations and contests, and shares about some of her personal favorite personal materials.

Links Referenced:

Debbie’s site:

-Several of Debbie’s specific pieces referenced on the show are linked below:

“Mat Su Valley Mountain Lake”

“Breaking Dawn”

“Jessica’s Dahlia”

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