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076 How to Set Up Your Email List

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Sharpened Artist: Colored Pencil Podcast

Release Date: October 30, 2016

Topic: How to Set Up Your Email List 

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This episode is dedicated to all things email: why an email list can be a great tool for your brand, how to get it set up, and how to get people to sign up once it’s in place on your website. John takes the high-tech approach while Lisa prefers simplicity, so you’ll hear tips and suggestions from both ends of the spectrum.

Here’s a semi-comprehensive list of email providers you can use (there are hundreds out there):

-Mailchimp - Very easy to use and free to get started

-Aweber - Very easy to use


-Convert kit (affiliate link) Very easy to use and more flexible than Mailchimp and Aweber.  Super easy pricing structure because it's only based on list size and you still get all the features of a huge list.  This is the provider that John uses and recommends.


-Campaign Monitor

-Zoho Campaigns


-Constant Contact






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