037 Starting Your YouTube Channel

Topic:  Starting Your YouTube Channel

This week John and Lisa answer another question you submitted to us about how to start your YouTube channel.

Here are some of the topics and questions we discuss:

Come up with a message statement.  What is the goal of your channel.  Know why you are creating the channel.

Who is your target audience?  Speak to that person as you look at the camera.  

Do you need an avatar or should you use a picture of yourself?

What should you put in your banner?

How much attention should you pay to preparing your playlists?

Should you adhere to a consistent schedule?  

Is there a right way to share?  And how much should I share?


Should you do collaborations, and if so, how do you choose who you do a collaboration with?


Should I sign up for one of the “growing your channel” networks when they reach out to me?


Should you subscribe to video creators?  


We also discuss consideration for:

  1. Your camera set up

  2. The room you record in

  3. Camera or mic stand vs a tripod

  4. Lighting


What software should you use:


Lisa uses PowerDirector 12

John has started using Premiere Pro


What are the pros and cons to editing:


Workflow considerations

Batching topics and work tasks together to be less overwhelmed


Links mentioned in the show:


(The above link is an amazon affiliate link.)



affiliate link:

30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel by Tim Schmoyer

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