051 Getting Started In Art After A Long Break

Topic: Returning to Art After a Long Break

Points of Interest: Returning to art after a long hiatus can be overwhelming. John and Lisa share a few quick tips for a smoother transition:

  • How and why to pace yourself

  • What kinds of subjects you should start with

  • Why it’s important not to be critical of your current work

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001 Entering Competitions

John and Lisa are talking about competitions and contests and how and why to enter them.

Should you enter contests?  What are the reasons for entering and how do you plan and prepare for entering shows?

Are there differences in entering a colored pencil art show versus those with a more traditional media?

Should an artist enter a competition or juried show?

How do you plan and prepare for the contest?  

What considerations should you be aware of?  

What is it actually going to cost me?

What is the role of the Juror?

The CPSA offers probably the most respected colored pencil shows.

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