004 Finding Your Style

Lisa and John discuss the idea of a unique style and whether that is important to try and discover.

Is a niche important?  Can it be something that you force or decide early on in your art career?

Defining what a style or niche is?

  1. A particular method or approach.  ex- an oil painter might be a palette knife painter or they paint very large or very small, etc..  

  2. Common styles would be a landscape artist, or cityscape, or portrait or pet artist.

  3. Could be a particular subject or type of art.  If you google Joseph Crone, you will quickly see that he is associated with Film Noir (nwar).  Or Cecile Baird has the distinctive look of fruit or vegetables with a backlight on the subject and usually a very dark back ground.  John Smolko has the scribble look.  Google just “colored pencil scribble”

  4. Everyone knows an Escher painting or Van Gough

Some ways to help you develop into your own style or niche:

  1. Stay calm and focused - don’t go looking for a style.

  2. Create art that moves you.  Don’t go into a particular style because someone else said to do it.  Do it because you like to create it. draw what you love!

  3. Keep making art

  4. Experiment and improve.

People can tell if your work is contrived or not authentic.

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