012 Using Hashtags to Promote Your Work

Do hashtags really matter when posting on social media?  How can a colored pencil artist take advantage of this little symbol’s significance?

John discusses the history of the hashtag.  Eventually, Lisa and John discuss the current relevance of the hashtag to the colored pencil artist.

A hashtag is a symbol that has the design of 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. It looks something like a tic-tac-toe board.  Most people associate this symbol with twitter key searchable terms that come at the end of posts.  

The hashtag for our show is #cppodcast  #sharpenedartist

The first person to ever use a hashtag was Chris Messina. He used the hashtag #barcamp. That was way back in August of 2007.

Now today hashtags are everywhere and on other social media platforms and they are baked into the stream.

So what does this mean to the Colored Pencil Artist?

It is a way to categorize your art and get more exposure for your drawings.  And it creates a  clickable link for your post when someone clicks on the tags you include.  

Here are some small examples of tags to use:

Intagram - Important ones #artistsoninstagram, #coloredpencil, #colouredpencil

twitter - #coloredpencil, #colouredpencil, #Derwent, #Luminance

facebook - look into using the social graph

Sites and links mentioned in the show:






Lisa's video on Hashtags:  https://youtu.be/FkOPHzoJrV0