017 Prismas vs Luminance

Podcast 17 - Prismacolor Premier vs Caran D’Ache Luminance

Prismacolor Premier Pencil

pros -

  1. Very inexpensive (run around 1.50 to 2.00) they are accessible in individual colors and open stock at most art stores.  

  2. They have the most colors available out of any colored pencils set on the market.

  3. They blend well with other color pencils both oil and wax-based pencils

  4. They are labeled very well and the outside coloring tends to match the pigment color of the lead

cons -

  1. Overall poor quality in quality control - they’re prone to breakage (sharpening)

  2. The leads can break loose from the casing.

  3. There is inconsistencies in the color of one production line to the next.  For example one cream color might be darker than the other one.

  4. There are so many of their colors that are not lightfast.

Caran D’Ache Luminance Pencil

pros -

1.  They are of the highest standard in both craftsmanship and pigmentation.

2.  They hold their point very well and can last a long time.

3.  Their lightfast ratings are higher than any other colored pencil and they adhere to the ASTM D6901 standard as well as the D4236 standard.  

cons - 

  1. They are expensive (one pencil will set you back between 4.00 to 6.00 USD)
  2. It’s a little difficult to read the color description on the pencil and there is no color except for on the end of the pencil, so you have to turn the pencil in order to see the color or just look at the lead.  
  3. The core is the same in diameter as the Prismacolor premiere but the casing with the wood is much larger, and so you need a pencil sharpener that will accommodate this larger pencil. 
  4. Not available in most brick and mortar stores so you’ll have to order online.


Links mentioned in the show:

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Lisa's comparison video

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