039 Starting Your Website Part 1

Topic:  Starting Your Website part 1



This week John and Lisa talk about starting your own website.  


Here are some of the topics and questions we discuss:


Why you still need a website, instead of just a social media page.


You maintain control of your online presence.
You can create and maintain your own gallery online.
You can create a slogan or by-line to provide more information about you and your work.

Is it worth doing a website?  Yes, if you know why you are doing.
You have to market the platform and your brand  (build it and they MIGHT come, if you work at it)

What should your first steps be: Choose a host, and url

Some free site options:    
Fine Art America (in 2015 they came up with a virtual shopping cart)

Some paid site options:    
Squarespace - Not only a content management system (CMS), but your host server and you can customize the code as well.  *This is the platform that John is currently using for sharpenedartist.com
Faso.com (Fine Art Studio Online)
WordPress - A content management system (CMS), but also very easy to use and get started with.

What to do now:  

Choose a platform and a host

Choose a theme if you’re going with wordpress (free or paid)
Choose a color scheme (make sure it’s not distracting, go for muted, subdued colors)
Design your home page and site (use a flow chart for writing out the navigation experience)   


Links mentioned in the show:



Website building for Artists group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/544547935713186/

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