022 What About Paper?

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Topic: Paper


A Brief History Of Papermaking

All paper used between the 14th and 18th century was made by hand one sheet at a time.  Later, of course, in 1800s the paper machines were invented.

3 workers usually worked in a factory at separate workstations:

Vatman - he formed the sheets using a mold.

Coucher -inverted the mold and pushed it against wet felt.

Layer - removed the press sheets from the felts.

They could produce 200 sheets per hour or 1500 per day.

50 tons of pressure over 30 min period to extract the water.  


The papers are hung up to dry and then taken to another press to dry flat.

If sizing is applied this happens after the drying process.

Sometimes there is a burnishing that happens that is done with a polished stone.


The QC process involves looking at the opacity and leveled weight or thickness of the paper sheets.


Today most fine art papers are done in a more automated manner but some of the processes are still very manual in order to preserve the natural fibers of the paper.

What is important when selecting a paper for your drawing?

John and Lisa talk about some of their favorites and why.  And, of course, Lisa brings up the Colored Pencil Paper by Strathmore- Again.  

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