021 From Painting to Colored Pencil

021 From Paint to Colored Pencil.jpg

Topic:  Transitioning From Painting to Colored Pencil

This week Lisa and I talked about the differences in Painting and colored pencil.  If you come from a background of painting and want to transition into colored pencil how do you start?

There is less clean up and mess and preparation when you use colored pencils as opposed to getting out the oil paints or acrylics and commit several hours of work.  In colored pencil you can draw for 10 or 15 minutes or 8 hours straight if you want, and the clean up is always going to be minimal.  

Lisa suggests starting with just three pencils and try and make the medium do what you want just until you get comfortable with blending and laying down pigment in this new way.

Colored pencil is much slower but it's also much more precise and you can get more details.   

In colored pencil your mixing is done right there on the paper through the layers that you put down.  


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