020 Drawing Small vs Large

Topic: Working on small vs large works

Some of the difficulties to working small would be if you're trying to draw a portrait then your proportions might be off and it is more noticeable smaller and could be hard to correct.  When you draw larger you have more room margin for error in the proportions.

Lisa points out that some newer artists would have a greater degree of success going small because they can get more work done quicker.   Instead of trying to draw an entire bowl of fruit why not just start with an apple instead.

There is really no right or wrong answer.  Always think about what the viewer is able to see and if there's too much information in the drawing it may be unnecessary.

Some of the old masters painted very very small at times.  

If you draw or paint about the same size all the time you may want to change it up and try going larger or smaller.

Also, later in the show, Lisa tries out a pencil line she’s never tried before from Derwent.